Slotoberfest Slots Tournament At Omni Online Casino

Slotoberfest Slots Tournament At Omni Online Casino

The Slotoberfest Slot Tournament at Omni Casino has begun on October 15 and will run till October 31. This is a unique multi-level online tournament that caters to three bet ranges. The idea is that low bettors and high rollers do not compete against each other. Players with different sized bankrolls compete independently so that everyone has a chance at winning a prize within their betting levels. The total prize pool of 14,500 credits is divided among the three bet ranges.

Players at Omni Casino need not especially register for this tournament. Nor are any entry fees payable. Participation in Slotoberfest Slots Tournament is automatic and free when players start wagering on the eligible Playtech slots machines at the online casino. All online slots that have between 15 and 40 paylines are eligible. For each spin of 0.45 credits or higher players will earn one tournament spin point. Each Omni Casino player will be placed on one of three leader boards based on his average bet range for the entire tournament. The player will be ranked on the leader board based on the number of tournament spin points earned. The lowest bet range is from 0.45 to 1.49 credits and rewards the top 50 players in its leader board. The next bet range is from 1.50 to 3.99 credits and rewards the top 20 players in its leader board. The final bet range is 4.00 or more credits and rewards the top 10 players in its leader board.

There are some special prizes for Omni Casino players in the Slotoberfest Slots Tournament. 100 credits will be awarded at each leader board update to the player that earns the most new spin points since the last leader board update. Leader board updates will be issued October 17, October 19, October 22, October 24, October 26, and October 29. In order to give maximum players a chance to win this Slotoberfest Quick Wins prize a player may win this prize no more than two times. The first Omni Casino player that gets to a total of 120,000 or more eligible real money spins for the entire tournament will be awarded a 500 credits Booster to his winning amount.

In order to boost the bankrolls of players participating in the Slotoberfest Slots Tournament Omni Casino will offer a special bonus on October 18. Players who deposit between 10 and 30 credits will get a 150% bonus up to 45 credits. Players who deposit between 31 and 80 credits will get a 125% bonus up to 100 credits. Players who deposit between 81 and 150 credits will get a 100% bonus up to 150 credits. Players who deposit between 151 and 900 credits will get a 75% bonus up to 250 credits.